Episode - Culinary Innovations

Trending Today Highlights Incredible Innovations: Featuring Ovention, Lancer Corp, and Johnson & Wales University.


Electric Productions, presents "Trending Today", a television series airing featuring cutting-edge product innovations and trends.


Join host Miranda Khan for an inside look at the award-winning products setting the trends for quality and consistency in food service and meet the top of the class for the next generation of world renowned Chefs applying their creative potential to innovative dining delights.

Trending Today features experts, front-line industry advancements, innovative technologies, product solutions, and trends in health, wellness, culinary, cuisine, luxury, leisure, recreation, manufacturing and more. A series that above all, presents an informative perspective on consumer and professional product and service trends.


Join host Miranda Khan as we reveal the exciting features of your company’s latest innovations in Trending Today on Discovery Channel, a more intimate and informative standard in video production.


Trending Today airs as a special edition show monthly on Discovery Channel at 8:30 AM, strategically scheduled just before daily network programming begins.

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