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Mull-It-Over Products provide sound solutions for glass buildings with the simple, yet well-designed, Mull-It-Over Mullion Trim Cap. The Mull-It-Over Mullion Trim Cap provides the coordinated transition between interior and exterior systems so they perform to their full potential. Noise transfer between rooms is no longer a problem. Building code requirements, confidentiality, privacy, productivity and HIPAA compliance for buildings with glass facades now have a simple design solution. 

More Comprehensive Solution

The Mull-It-Over® Mullion Trim Cap stems from our understanding of building construction. The design was run through a battery of tests in the sound chambers of Architectural Testing in York, PA. It was refined and re-tested. Quantifiable results clearly proved how this mullion trim cap system would re-create the sound-deadening capability of a well constructed drywall partition all the way out to the face of the glass.