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Hargrave Custom Yachts has a rich history as the top yacht design firm in America, under the direction of legendary designer Jack Hargrave. After he passed away, Michael Joyce returned to Hargrave Custom Yachts to carry on the tradition of Jack Hargrave and expand on the brand's commitment to quality, beginning construction of luxury yachts under the Hargrave banner. Navigating Hargrave into the future demanded dynamic innovation and a willingness to lead the industry in developing the next trending design in luxury yachts. Hargrave has grown in only a few short years to be recognized as a reputable yacht designer, builder and distributor of world-class yachts.

Top Yacht Design & Quality

"In our company we measure our design objectives against Jack Hargrave's dictum that, at the end of the day, the boat has to perform at sea. Everything else in the design process needs to bend to that single principle. It's the right way to do it, and at Hargrave, it's the only way to do it." - Michael Joyce., CEO