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Air Spring Industry for Vehicles & Firestone’s Ride-Rite

Firestone tires has built a reputation of excellence over the years. They are a common household name and the leading brand for tires and automotive services. But innovation has always been at the forefront of the company policy. That’s why Firestone Tire and Rubber Company founded Firestone Industrial products back in 1936.

Henry Ford needed non-tire rubber components for a variety of parts for his cars. A mere two years later this groundbreaking company created a product that is still used today. In 1938 Firestone Industrial came out with the first patent for a pneumatic air spring, and they called it Air Ride.

Air suspension is used in place of conventional steel springs in passenger cars and trucks, as well as in commercial transportation vehicles like buses and tow trucks.  Air suspension is powered by an electric or engine driven compressor. This compressor pumps air to inflate a rubber chamber and raises the vehicle’s body from its axles. This provides a smooth and consistent ride, as the compressor adjusts to bumps in the road to keep passengers from feeling them. This is the superior option over metal springs, due to its fluidity and versatility on the road.

Firestone’s air spring systems are designed to maximize safe load carrying capacity, give stability to the vehicles suspension, improve handling, breaking and steering, and reduce wear and tear to the axles. And now, Firestone has taken it a step further. Ride-Rite is their newest version of Air suspension technology, and can improve gas mileage by absorbing road shock, now better than ever before.

Ride-Rite can level out up to a 5 thousand pound load, making towing recreational vehicles a breeze. Any driver who tows or adds weight to their vehicle should consider Ride-Rite to avoid suspension issues in the future. Whether you’re pulling a boat, RV, camper or horse trailer, Ride-Rite can save consumers lots of money in the long term. This is due to their ingenious design that sets them apart from the competition. Their lift bags have a strong rolled bead plate on the top and bottom to get a fully sealed product. This means the metal rolls around the top opening of the rubber chamber to create an airtight and robust design.

The Ride-Rite air suspension can take on severe use and impact, making it last longer and work stronger than other versions of the same technology. It is very difficult to damage an air spring made of such reliable materials. Firestone’s product is made of 4 layers of commercial grade fabric reinforced rubber, with those tight metal seals on the top and bottom of the design. Firestone’s rubber also modifies the average rubber recipe by adding components for longevity and elasticity in the field.

Ultimately, every single air spring at Firestone is vigorously tested under multiple conditions to make sure it can perform under a variety of circumstances. Even better, Firestone does all of its construction and testing in America, guaranteeing the quality and perfection associated with the Firestone Brand.

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