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Updated: Jan 13

A significant issue that has presented itself over the last several centuries is the quality of air that we are breathing as a species. The damage that is done to our bodies is not only a result of airborne pollutants such as fossil fuels and pesticides, but also bacteria and viruses that are stored within our buildings, homes, and ventilation systems. The quality of air specifically within indoor spaces is almost always worse than in outdoor spaces, for a variety of reasons. Here at BetterAir, we have dedicated our company and its future technological development towards improving the quality of air we have access to in indoor spaces.

BetterAir does more than simply filter the air we breathe while remaining indoors. As a company, we have developed and produced the world’s first and only probiotic air, surface, and object purification systems, changing the way that indoor spaces are ventilated in a healthy way. By using our all natural, chemical free methods of air and surface purification, we offer our customers the healthiest indoor work and home air quality available today. We preserve the natural environmental balances that occur within indoor locations, by using our eco-friendly patented technologies to purify the air and surfaces within without the use of potentially dangerous chemicals.

The key to our work here at BetterAir Environments is a focus on a chemical free design that relies on the use of something called probiotics. Probiotics are live microorganisms that when consumed or inhaled by human beings, offer a variety of different kinds of health benefits. For a long time, the only common use of probiotic technology was in the maintenance of healthy gut flora that regulate the human digestive system. Today however, probiotics are used for everything from digestive issues to immune health. And here at BetterAir, our Environmental probiotics offer our customers unparalleled access to purified air and surfaces without the use of harsh chemical substances.

By using our advanced BetterAir probiotic systems to maintain the quality of air within your home or business, you are giving yourself a number of benefits that others do not receive. The first of the health benefits offered by our patented probiotic technologies is similar to those offered by any of the other indoor air purification systems available on the market, simply in a more efficient and natural manner. These systems keep the air fresh and clean, helping prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and diseases. However, the most important benefit of this probiotic approach to air purification technology is the lack of sanitizing chemicals being proliferated through the air you breathe and the surfaces you touch. The bacteria we release throughout your building do a number of different things. They consume natural allergens like pollen and dust, destroy organic irritants such as fecal matter, and starve aggressive pathogens trapped inside of the system. This all-natural approach to air purification allows you to obtain the highest quality of air available at a more than reasonable cost.

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