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Bravo Shoes

For a long time, the manufacturing and sale of shoes has played an important role in the global economic market. For centuries, learning to make shoes as cordwainers was a respected profession, as skilled craftsmen were few and far between. Industrialization and the globalization of economic activities in all sectors has all but killed the shoemaking profession outside of large multinational corporations like Nike or Adidas. It is incredibly difficult to compete with the name recognition and retail accessibility of these gigantic companies, and as a result, small businesses find it very challenging to break into the shoe industry at all. However, there is still competition and ongoing developments that change the status quo. Bravo Shoes is a small company that has done just that with their innovative approach to designing, manufacturing, and selling their shoes to customers.

Less than twenty years old, Bravo Shoes was established in early 2002 by Tom He and his business partners in Los Angeles, California. Over the course of the last seventeen years, Bravo Shoes has become one of the most popular producers of formal shoe wear in the United States. The key to the success of Bravo Shoes is, to a large degree, lays in the quality of the shoes that they are making. As a member of the ASTM, the American Society for Testing and Materials, the quality of the materials used by Bravo Shoes in the production process cannot be overstated. There is a reason that they have been presented with the Manufacturer of the Year award by the International Formal Wear Association, and that reason is their dedication to using only the best in materials for their designs.

In conjunction with Vangelo Professional Footwear, Bravo Shoes has been responsible for the development of several different footwear technologies, putting them at the forefront of the shoe manufacturing industry. They own several patents of designs that not only help prevent liquids from being absorbed into the shoes, but also increase the friction between the shoes and the ground. This design helps the people wearing the shoes not slip while walking over wet and slippery surfaces, something invaluable to those working in a variety of different professions. For those in the foodservice industry especially, it is important to have formal wear shoes that are comfortable of slip resistant to a high degree, in order to maintain dress code standards and be safer in the kitchen.

Whether you work in a kitchen, hospital, or any industry that requires you to have formal wear shoes and avoid slippage, Bravo Shoes is by far the best option available to you. We design, manufacture, and distribute our shoes ourselves, allowing us to not only ensure the quality of the shoes surpasses anything made by our competition, but our prices are lower as well. To learn more about Bravo Shoes go to their website

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