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Culinary Industry and Johnson & Wales University

The culinary industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. From the explosion of food trucks to celebrity chefs to reality shows to movies, chefs are the new rock stars. Not to mention many of them have that “rock star” look, with their sleeve tattoos to wild hair styles that make them hard to differentiate from someone in a band to someone that spends a lot of time in the kitchen creating amazing meals.

In the past, to become a high-level chef you had to move to France and work your way up at a Michelin Star rated restaurant. However, there are many more options here in the States to get high-level culinary training.

We recently filmed a segment at Johnson & Wales University (Miami Campus). The students there get incredible hands on experience. Covering all the bases where they have everything from stocks, soups and sauces to teaching international cuisine.

But cooking is just one aspect of what is covered. The also teach their students culinary arts, hospitality, technology, health sciences and business. Whether they want to be a sous chef, pastry chef, private chef for a celebrity or eventually run their own restaurant, they equip their students with the tools and knowledge to pursue all of these areas of the culinary world.

At Johnson & Wales University they also teach their students what “farm to table” freshness is really about right in their backyard. It’s all about respect for the ingredients and food that they use which is why they have their own garden where the students have been growing and nurturing their own vegetables and fruit right on the campus for the past 20+ years.

One of the students, Emily Dugie, who was featured in the segment fell in love with baking and pastry which tapped into her creative spirit. Baking is a perfect blend of science meets creativity where she can bake a cake that requires exact measurements then complement it with intricate designs.

Rubin Santa who is another student featured in the segment, was especially interested in service. Specifically, the “front of the house” classes is what he wanted to learn.

By the time they gradate from Johnson & Wales University, the students are prepared for pretty much anything they want to pursue in the culinary world. Whether it’s opening up their own food truck, getting on the reality show Top Chef or running their own restaurant, the options are endless.

With all the competition in the culinary world you need a solid foundation, whether it’s working your way up from washing dishes at a James Beard Award restaurant or getting formal culinary training at a school like Johnson & Wales University, the foodies of the world are ready to make their reservations and dig in. Bon appetit. Johnson & Wales University Website:

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