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Expansion Capital Group

For any individual or group of entrepreneurs looking to start their very own small business, there are a variety of different challenges that must be overcome in order to achieve their goals. They must construct a business plan, find clients to support their new enterprise, and most importantly, they must find the capital they need to cover all of the expenses associated with starting a new business. Finding a source of money to be used as start up capital is often the most difficult obstacle new entrepreneurs face when trying to achieve their goals. Bank loans can often have prohibitively high interest rates, and there are limited options as an alternative to working with these huge financial conglomerates. Expansion Capital Group is the solution to this problem.

Expansion Capital Group is a company started by a team of successful financial experts who understand firsthand the plight of the American small business owner. Due to the state of the economy in recent years, small businesses have declined in number and profitability at a consistent rate over the last decade. Large multinational corporations and gargantuan chain stores dominate the landscape of the modern economy in every industry, making it incredibly difficult for ambitious people to successfully start their own businesses. The services we offer at Expansion Capital Group are designed to combat these obstacles in your way, and pave the way to your future success as a business.

Bank Loans, for the most part at least, are the primary source of funding for most aspiring entrepreneurs in modern America looking to find capital to start a new business. Considering the upheaval and scandal the banking industry has faced in recent times, interest rates have increased significantly and the terms of the loans given out are far less beneficial than they may have been say twenty years ago. There are stricter requirements and financial background checks that must be met, forcing you to jump through a variety of hoops and spend a significant amount of time and energy trying to get the money you need. Expansion Capital Group allows you to side step all of these obstacles. For some people, they simply do not have the time or financial history that would make getting a bank loan an easily achievable goal. Expansion Capital group will process your application for a loan within a two day period, and get back to you immediately with a quote and a contract. And we only require three months of bank or credit card statements beforehand in order to prove your ability to repay the loan.

Run by successful entrepreneurs like you, Expansion Capital group is the most logical choice to make when looking for funding to start up your new business. We offer loans of a wide range, from small micro-loans of several hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, with repayment plans designed to make it as easy as possible to pay back the loan without hurting your new business’ profit margins. To learn more about Expansion Capital Group go to their website

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