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Everyone is curious about where they come from. Some are lucky enough to hear their heritage from their elders, others have stories passed down from generations. Some cultures take their ancestry very seriously, while others have no recollection past their own immediate family.

Whether your records have been lost over time, or you’d just like to extend your family tree, Ancestry can give you the knowledge you need. has a data base with over 14 billion records on file, and they add 2 million more every day. Understanding the complexity of your life, and the lives that came before you can help you fill in the blanks of your own history. The pieces of the past came together to create today, and thanks to, you can find all of those pieces in the exact same place.

Never before has so much history been available at your fingertips. What started in 1983 as a publishing company for family history enthusiasts transformed into a collection of public records that connects more than 60 million families. It’s easy to get started. You just begin with what you know, and Ancestry searches for them in their records collection. The database will find little hints (look for the leaf of your family tree) which may point to something interesting from the past. If you place those little leaves together, you can discover your family tree emerging from the information.

With 30 scanning facilities located around the world, is constantly scanning articles and books to add to their collection. The diversity of their information is why they have one the largest databases in the world. The bigger the database, the more likely you are to find a match.

But if you don’t know where to start, can start with yourself. They now offer a test that allows you to see the Ethnic makeup of your DNA. This can help you find the missing link from where your personal records leave off. You just send in a sample of your own DNA, usually through saliva, and their test will give you the rest.

Their labs take your DNA solution and isolate it to 700,000 regions across your genome. Otherwise known as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, or SNPs. These are tiny mutations in your DNA that make your genes unique. The lab then compares your SNPs to SNPs all over the world, making connections where there’s a genetic match.

Your genetics can tell a lot about where your lineage has been. Gigantic historical events can affect where we end up, and your story could have unraveled due to war, plagues, or even migration. We are all part of a collective history of the Human Species, and these interconnectivities have shaped us into who we are today. All that we have is due to the past, and now you can know your own story as it weaves through time.

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