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Firestone’s Ride-Rite & Air Spring Manufacturing and Technology

Air spring suspensions are a type of vehicle suspension powered by a special type of air pump or compressor, through a relatively simple process and design. Simply put, the pump or compressor forces air into bellows, usually made out of rubber due to its flexibility. As the bellows is inflated by the increase in air pressure, it raises up the frame of the vehicle. These air spring suspensions have almost entirely replaced steel spring suspensions in passenger vehicles, trucks, and buses. The purpose of this system is not only to keep the motor vehicle level, but also to improve the way it maneuvers and brakes when weighed or in rough conditions.

The most recent developments in air spring technology have been advances in the process of computerization and the ability to self-level the vehicle. This is particularly useful in buses, as the weight distribution is often quite uneven, due to passengers not spreading out throughout the vehicle. In trucks, this has done quite a bit to help slow down the process of tire wear, reducing costs for distributors of a variety of products.

Firestone Industrial Products, founded in 1936, was created when Firestone Tire & Rubber Company decided to purchase a factory and expand its business activities. In 1938, barely two years later, we created the first pneumatic suspension device, called the Firestone Airide Air Spring. Since then, for more than seventy years, Firestone Industrial Products has remained on the cutting edge of air spring suspension technology. Acknowledged worldwide as the most reliable brand in the industry, there are only a handful of companies that can provide competition for Firestone.

Ride Rite is Firestone’s latest advancement in air spring suspension technology. Assembled and produced in the United States, these springs do more to increase stability and reduce suspension loosening over time than any other springs like them. They give passengers a smoother ride, help to improve gas mileage by a significant degree, and increase the lifetime of the tires by preventing wear. Capable of leveling up to five thousand pounds, the Ride-Rite air helper springs are unparalleled in their capacity. Firestone’s technicians are the best in the business, so if your suspension is not sufficiently doing its job, give us a call. With decades of experience, there is no vehicle they cannot comfortably work with and improve the performance of.

These repairs to the suspension system or complete replacement of the air springs can be prohibitively expensive, forcing the average customer to settle for substandard products or mediocre service. One easy way to save yourself both time and money is to make sure to regularly perform maintenance on your suspension. Or better yet, have the professionals at Firestone make sure everything is working properly.

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