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Folding Smart Devices

Over the past several decades, there have been such drastic advances made in technological development that the way individuals now live their lives would seem like science fiction to someone living twenty or thirty years ago. The biggest change in technology that is obvious to everyone and anyone who has been paying attention has been the development of something called smart devices. Smart devices, by definition, are electronic devices that are connected to other devices and networks wirelessly through things like Bluetooth and WiFi, and are designed to function both autonomously and interactively. The most obvious and ubiquitously used example of these smart devices are smartphones, cellular telephones with internet capabilities.

There are certainly a wide variety of different kinds of smart devices being used today, including everything from smart cars to smart refrigerators, but by and large when most people think of smart devices, their first thought is of their smartphone. It seems that in recent years the most popular trend in technological development has been taking ordinary electronic devices and making them smart devices. Everything from your wristwatch to your toothbrush might very well be a smart device, and so engineers looking to impress consumers have had to step up their game in order to remain competitive. A recent trend in the development of smart devices is something that consumers had been promised for years, but were never provided with previously. Foldable smart devices are experiencing an incredible amount of interest, primarily foldable smart phones, but also foldable smart tablets as well.

Starting in 2006, when the company Polymer Vision first showed off a prototype of a foldable smartphone, there have been many attempts to create and market an affordable foldable smart device that could be sold to consumers at a high demand. Over the next two years, nothing came of this new and exciting technology until Nokia debuted their ‘Morph’, and gave consumers their first real example of what a foldable smart device would eventually look like. It has been argued that the Morph is the inspiration for essentially every single foldable smart phone or tablet released since then. There have been a variety of these kinds of foldable smart devices released over the years since then, but none that achieved the kind of widespread success that their creators had imagined. For the most part, the concept of a smart phone you could fold in half was simply not something anyone was particularly excited about, as it seemed to have become evident that all of these foldable devices were not successful products. This year, Samsung has embarrassed itself more than any other phone company trying to market a foldable smart phone with their Galaxy Fold, which received an incredible amount of negative critical reception, prompting them to postpone the release of the device. Foldable smart devices, at least every one that has been released so far, have been sub-par products whose only selling point is the gimmick that they can be folded. Anyone who is thinking about purchasing one of these devices should reconsider.

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