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Get Your Feelz On

Today, the United States of America is facing an unprecedented mental health crisis, one that affects each and every citizen in some way. It is estimated that one in four Americans have been prescribed some form of medication as a treatment for their compromised mental health. On average, every household in the nation contains at least one member suffering from a mental illness or addiction to drugs or alcohol. Prison recidivism rates are higher than ever, as it has become increasingly difficult to find gainful employment after being released from incarceration. It seems like every month we receive news that another mass shooting has occurred, to the point where it has become commonplace. All of these factors combined have had a devastating effect, contributing to the various socioeconomic issues that are known to cause these problems in the first place.

From a young age, we have become over-stressed and over-medicated, and the problems caused by this simply grow worse over time. And rather than treat the root causes of the mental health problems plaguing our citizens, as a nation we focus on treating the symptoms. Pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrists across the nation are making billions of dollars a year by selling drugs that treat the symptoms without addressing the cause. Get Your Feelz On has been working for years to find a way for the average person to enhance their emotional and psychological wellbeing without relying on psychoactive drug compounds and harmful coping mechanisms.

Get Your Feelz On has developed a system known as the Living Breath Process, designed to allow you to improve your mental health and make positive changes in the way you live your life. When an individual utilizes the Living Breath Process for only ten minutes each and every day, they will see a clear improvement in the way they feel and behave. In the long term, adhering to the Living Breath Process has been proven to eliminate negative cognitive habits that contribute to poor mental health in its users. Without any medication, Get Your Feelz On has found a system that can change your life for the better.

Get Your Feelz On offers more than one hundred and fifty different products and services, all of which rely on the Living Breath Process to truly be effective in improving the lives of their customers. The patented Feelz digital programs allow customers to work on enhancing their emotional wellness discretely and efficiently for the required ten minutes, all in the comfort and safety of their own home. Combined with a variety of community initiatives aimed at those suffering from addiction or struggling with adjusting to life outside of incarceration, Get Your Feelz On system is guaranteed to improve the lives of those who use it.

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