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Global Shirts

There are a variety of industries that require their employees to wear a standard uniform while they are working. The casino, restaurant, hospitality, and formal wear industries all generally require employees to wear the same outfits so that the customers they serve can more easily identify them as employees.

Global Shirts is the company that supplies these various organizations with the shirts they require their employees to wear on a day to day business. Global Shirts controls every aspect of the production and distribution of the shirts offered to customers, starting with the design.

There is a large variety of the type of shirts offered by Global Shirts, including several different styles of button up and collared shirts. The design of these shirts is specified to each individual customer, allowing them to customize the shirts they wish to purchase in several different ways. They are able to include the logo of their company, and decide everything from the placement of seams to the amount of buttons on the shirt they are ordering. Long sleeve, short sleeve, and traditional polo shirts of every kind are offered for sale to our customers.

Global Shirts. not only designs the shirts we sell, but we manufacture them as well. Because we manufacture the shirts ourselves, the quality of the shirts is unmatched by any of our competition. Every shirt produced has break-resistant buttons, allowing the employees who wear them to keep wearing their shirts for years at a time.

There are a variety of fabrics used in the manufacturing process, and as a result customers are able to choose between a grade-A polycotton, a traditional soft cotton, and the patented Luxe Microfiber fabric. The Luxe Microfiber fabric is a product exclusively offered by Global Shirts, and is superior to traditional fabric blends in several ways. Luxe Microfiber fabric will never shrink, does not fade in color, and requires no specialized care during the cleaning process.

Global Shirts also distributes the shirts we offer ourselves, shipping the products our customers order directly to them no matter where they are located. As a result of the complete control Global Shirts. has over every aspect of the design, production, and distribution of our products, the prices we sell our products at is lower than the prices offered by any of our competitors. Our shirts are customizable in every way, superior in quality, and less expensive than the shirts sold by most clothing distributors across the world.

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