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Hargrave Custom Yachts and Yacht Building Industry

Originally used by the Dutch to target pirate vessels, today’s yachts are luxurious ships used by the rich for leisure and sport. The yacht building industry, as a result of the expensive nature of the product being produced, has a very small consumer base able to support it. Even the least expensive yachts available cost at least several hundreds of thousands of dollars on average. Further compounding this problem, is the variety of different options consumers with these kinds of discretionary funds have available for their leisure options. Not only are the manufacturers competing with other yacht builders, but also the distributors of sports cars and other expensive toys for the rich and influential. 

Competition within the yacht construction industry itself is fierce, with about a dozen manufacturers controlling close to eighty percent of the total market share. With high starting costs in material and labor, it is a difficult industry to gain entry into. An aspiring entrepreneur needs architects, engineers and managers to oversee the construction of the yachts, and highly skilled employees of this kind are paid at a rate commensurate with their talents. Although in recent years there has been a reduction of the costs of the materials used in the construction process, the price of the finished product has also gone down, keeping profits at a fairly stable level. Those who have the ability and the drive to work past these challenges however, find themselves supplying some of the wealthiest customers in the world with a product almost no one else can provide. With great risk comes great reward, and the industry has reached a historical high point in the last several years.

Founded in 1957, the Hargrave Custom Yachts company is one of the most respected names in yacht construction. Originally, Hargrave was solely focused on the design of yachts, a reflection of the interests of the company’s namesake and founder, legendary yacht designer Jack Hargrave. But in 1997, there was a change in leadership. With a new CEO at the helm, Hargrave expanded its activities from just the design of ships, to the construction as well. By eliminating their reliance on independent contractors for the building process, Hargrave secured its place as the best in the business for years to come.

The key to the success of Hargrave Custom Yachts in the twenty-first century can be found in the name of the company itself. The customers who can afford to purchase a yacht are customers long since accustomed to being able to tailor any of the products they buy to their individual specifications. This dedication to working with the customer in order to create the ship that they have in mind has earned the loyalty of the company’s consumer base. As a result, more than half of Hargrave’s customers build more than one yacht along side the design team.

Not every customer needs such personalized attention however, and Hargrave caters to their desires equally well. Dozens of pre-made templates are available for the less invested customer, allowing them to choose between a variety of designs and sizes of yacht from a catalogue. And customers who have no desire to make a substantial investment, but still wish to luxuriate in the full yachting experience, can simply charter a Hargrave yacht at their convenience. With reasonable weekly rates, these crewed charter yachts let customers enjoy the use of a yacht without worry of upkeep or hiring personnel to run the ship. The quality and variety of their services allow Hargrave Custom Yachts to dominate the competition.

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