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Last year, in the United States alone, the foodservice industry was responsible for supplying more than 1.3 trillion dollars worth of food to consumers. Restaurants and catering services account for approximately eighty-five percent of all food sales, with the remainder attributed to a variety of businesses that are not known for selling food such as recreational facilities or retail stores. The sheer volume of food that this encompasses is truly immense, and managing the logistics of ordering and providing it is a difficult and time consuming job.

Jamix kitchen management software is a revolutionary system designed for restaurants of any size, catering services, and other members of the foodservice industry. The purpose of the Jamix software is to provide these types of businesses with an easy to use and efficient method of operating on a day to day basis. Not only does it assist users with the logistics of inventory management and acquisition, but also managing recipes, budgeting, and nutritional information. The Jamix software is an invaluable tool for any organization involved with the foodservice industry, allowing users to manage every aspect of their business in one streamlined system.

Whether you run a chain of fast food restaurants or a small coffee shop, Jamix kitchen management software can help you better run your day to day operations. The menu planning and recipe management tools are incredibly useful for any chef or caterer when deciding which foods they will offer for sale and how they will prepare them. The inventory management and procurement tools make it easy for any business owner to find the best supplier from which to order their supplies, and the best method to organize the supplies on site. And the food production tools allows users to record the specific method of food preparation and production, making it easy for the cooks to do their jobs. The Jamix software allows you to manage every aspect of your kitchen, starting with ordering supplies and ending with the final recipe, all with one efficient and easily to use system.

Jamix ensures that our customers are able to improve the efficiency of every aspect of their business. Jamix kitchen management software is web based, allowing users to work from any location, ideal for those who manage a chain of restaurants or a catering service. It gives you access to a variety of suppliers, helping you cut costs when ordering ingredients and other necessary supplies. And most importantly, it allows you to control every factor that is a part of the food preparation process, cutting out wasted time and supplies that might otherwise cost you significant amounts of money in the long term.

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