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Karya Property Management

Karya Property Management is a company devoted to providing only the best management services to apartment communities across the state of Texas. The process by which Karya Property Management turns our investments into profitable holdings is dependent on the nature of the property in which we have invested and varies from location to location. What does not change from location to location is our dedication to ensuring that both our clients and the tenants are satisfied with the services we provide. These services include marketing, expense management, budgeting, tenant management, and more.

At Karya Property Management, the primary goal of the various services we provide is to optimize the methods by which properties are being managed, turning underperforming properties into a profitable investment. By focusing efforts on several key aspects of the management process, we are able to ensure that our clients can increase the revenue they are receiving from their property without negatively impacting the lives of the people who live there. Often the reason that a property is not making the kind of profits expected of a building in its location is simple mismanagement and poor allocation of resources.

One of the areas on which we focus is reducing the turnover rates of the properties we manage. In order to keep the turnover rates low, Karya is known for fostering a greater sense of community with after-school programs and building wide activities. Furthermore, by streamlining the process by which expenses are allocated, we eliminate wasted funds and make it easier for repairs and other services to be provided. Karya has developed an innovative marketing strategy over the years, and as a result we have been very successful in ensuring that empty apartments do not stay empty long. We make sure that each and every tenant feels they are being treated fairly, providing more than just the bare minimum services required by regulations.

At Karya, the financial auditing services we offer are incredibly comprehensive. After an intensive examination of the revenue and expense figures, we are able to create an operating budget that eliminates wasted money without depriving tenants of necessary services. We prepare monthly financial statements and detailed reports on the state of the property and use this information to optimize the methods by which management services are undertaken. The sophisticated software that we use in order to manage day to day expenses has been proven to increase NOI, due to the greater control over each and every dollar. Karya Property Management provides a level of customer service unmatched by any of our competitors, and we guarantee that our results are superior as well.

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