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Lancer Corporation & Beverage Dispensers

Beverage dispensers are, as the name suggests, the products used for dispensing beverages to consumers. This includes everything from water fountains to beer taps, used in a variety of commercial locations. While they are ubiquitous in both restaurants and bars, they are also commonly found in offices, institutional buildings, and even private residences.

Developments in this technology are less visible than in other sectors, but nevertheless are what drives market growth and encourage competition. New designs and increased digitization have allowed customization and increased efficiency, increasing both the cost and demand for these products. Across the globe, the demand for beverage dispensers has never been higher.

Predominantly however, the product in highest demand is fountain soda dispensers. They can be found in almost any gas station, restaurant or hotel in the United States. Every restaurant chain has at least one in every location, and as more of these businesses enter new markets, the beverage dispensers follow in their wake. Fast food is the most obvious example of this phenomenon. For every McDonalds, there are at least two of these beverage dispensers to be found, often more.

The product in highest demand may be the fountain soda dispenser, but alcoholic beverage dispensers are not far behind. In almost every bar and restaurant, you can find a beverage dispenser that serves beer. Because the product they dispense is sold at a higher price, the dispensers themselves are usually more expensive as well. As a result, while there may be less units sold, the revenue generated from their sales is not significantly less than their non-alcoholic counterparts. And alongside every beverage dispenser, an ice machine is usually installed as well.

Founded in 1967, Lancer Corporation is responsible for designing, manufacturing, and marketing beverage dispensing equipment all over the world. Offering beverage dispensers, beer products, ice machines and more, Lancer is recognized widely as a global leader in the beverage dispensing industry. Their reputation for innovative technological designs and profitable business practices led to Hoshizaki Corporation making the decision to purchase Lancer in 2006.

Now, as the subsidiary of the second largest supplier of commercial kitchen equipment in the world, Lancer has been able to further expand their international market to reach countries in Europe, Asia, India, and both North and South America. While the headquarters remains in San Antonio, Texas, Lancer has opened sales and manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

The product in most high demand from Lancer’s customer base is their fountain beverage dispensers. Expertly designed to serve ice cold drinks, including anything from fruit juice to soda, the most recent designs include an advanced touch screen interface. This allows customers to customize their beverage to their specifications. This user friendly system is just one of the many inventions that make Lancer a pioneer in the industry.

While they are perhaps most well known for their remarkable range of soft drink dispensers and quality ice dispensers, Lancer’s bar equipment is in high demand as well. While the largest markets for these products are in the UK, New Zealand, and Australia, there is a growing demand for quality beer dispensing equipment in the United States in recent years. Lancer’s designs help eliminate waste and save space behind the bar; as a result, Lancer Beer Systems have become increasingly popular with bar owners across the nation.

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