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Motherless Meat

Factory farming is a process that not only does an incredible amount of damage to the environment, but is also unethical due to the horrifying treatment of the animals involved. They lead short, painful lives in unpleasantly unhygienic conditions that would disgust any reasonable person. The process of factory farming does damage to the environment in a variety of different ways, the most significant of which is the production of large amounts of greenhouse gasses. The effects that this has had on the ozone layer and the process of global climate change have been significantly impactful and harmful on a large scale. Furthermore, the antibiotics and hormones and other drugs and chemicals that the factory farm animals are exposed to do not simply vanish after they are killed and butchered for their meat. We, the consumers, consume them along with the delicious juicy meat we love to enjoy. And the demand for meat across the world will only continue to grow as time goes by. The increased popularity of meat free diets is insignificant when compared to the clear trend towards higher amounts of meat being eaten in places where there previously was not a high demand for the products. As people across the world, particularly in less developed nations, have experienced an increase in the amount of money they are able to spend, many of them have been able to afford to purchase meat in quantities that would have not been possible before. This alone would put an increased pressure on factory farms to produce more meat. But, the global population is growing at an increased rate alongside the increase in disposable income, and as a result over the next several decades, the demand for meat is expected to increase drastically. The solution to this has already been developed: motherless meat. 

Motherless meat is the term most widely used in order to refer to meat that was not produced naturally, but in a laboratory setting of some kind. Also sometimes referred to as green meat or clean meat, motherless meat is a more ethical and sustainable alternative to traditional meat products. The process through which this motherless meat is produced involves taking stem cells from live animals and using them in order to grow tissue in a controlled laboratory environment. For example, one of the ways that ‘motherless’ steak or burgers is most often made is by obtaining stem cells from a cow and using these stem cells to grow billions upon billions of strands of muscle tissue from each cell. This produces a meat product comparable in many ways to ground beef. A similar process is used when producing any kind of meat, whether it is beef or chicken or lamb, the people making the meat simply obtain stem cells from a live farm animal and use them to grow large amounts of meat. There are some issues with motherless meat unfortunately, foremost among them being the use of blood from unborn cow fetuses, something some people find objectionable. Also, the taste of the motherless meat is not as good due to the lack of fat cells. Regardless, motherless meat is inevitably going to replace traditional farming.

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