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Net Positive

Net Positive is part of a movement, a way of life focused on giving back to our society, to our environment, and our economy. For more than twenty years, the Forum for the Future has worked tirelessly in order to integrate the combined efforts of local economies, governments, and social structures in an attempt to achieve increased levels of sustainable living on a global scale. The Net Positive Project is a culmination of these efforts and years of experience, already changing the way countless individuals do business.

As a non-profit, charitable organization, the Net Positive Group is able to focus on a specific set of goals that a governmental organization may not have. The first and most important priority we have as part of the Net Positive Project is to make sure that we put more into the global economy and environment than we have taken out over the years. Sustainable living is an attainable goal due to recent developments in agriculture and technology. And to those of us working under the umbrella of the Net Positive Group, it is the only acceptable goal.

As we have expanded over the course of the last decade however, this umbrella has expanded to include both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Now, rather than focus on traditional metrics of success such as profit and income, groups associated with Net Positive take into account a broader definition of what success can mean. Some of the largest companies in the world are a part of the Net Positive Project, including AT&T, Dell, and Target.

The effect that mankind has had on the environment over the last two hundred years has been catastrophic, leading to drastic changes in the global climate patterns. As a race, we have burned through countless tons of nonrenewable resources, all the while poisoning the environment we live in. The Net Positive Project is a response to this kind of behavior, a coalition of like minded individuals coming together in order to make the world a better place than it was when we arrived.

In the long term, there a numerous benefits to valuing a positive impact on the environment, local economy, and society within which your business operates more  than you value profits being made. It simply is not sustainable to keep taking and taking more than you give with no concern for the next generation. The United Nations has passed measures that will put increasing pressure on nations over time, helping motivate them into becoming more environmentally friendly. The members of the Net Positive Group are already at the forefront of this movement.

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