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Email systems and chat programs commonly used by businesses for the purposes of internal communication such as those sold by Microsoft are by and large flawed, in a variety of ways. Designed more for ease of use and simplicity than to meet the challenges offered by the complex needs of growing businesses, these programs are simply unable to complete the tasks that they are being used for efficiently. Nextiva is a comprehensive communications suite, designed for the use of businesses in aiding communication with a variety of programs, superior to its competition in every conceivable way.

Nextiva offers a better version of essentially every commonly used method of online communication, with specially designed software designed to take full advantage of cloud computing. Cloud computing involves the storage of large amounts of information in outside devices and networks, allowing the provider to shoulder the costs of keeping all that data on servers, and improving the quality of the web-service being provided. It keeps information stored online rather than in your hard drive, freeing up gigabytes of space.

Nextiva’s business phone service reaps the benefit of cloud computing, offering customers an unparalleled and reliable call making, text messaging, and voicemail services all with unlimited hours at an affordable cost. The service is in high definition on a national level, letting you turn voicemails into emails and queue calls while taking care of business. The SMS, or text messaging, service allows customers to send written messages as well, and is included in the business phone service.

The Nextiva CRM service is a more complicated piece of communication software, giving the customer using it a variety of different options and tools to make use of. It allows direct communication between customers and employees, and between employees alone as well. It allows the users to use one screen for all their communications and automate parts of their day to day work in order to save time. Whoever is using the Nextiva CRM program can check their calendar and consult with a colleague, all without leaving a chat with a customer.

The Nextiva NextOS suite communications software is a bundle of customer and business communication tools grouped together, allowing you to use one program for all your communication needs. It gathers together the business phone service, the CMR service, and survey and analytical tools for the customers convenience. By using the NextOS service, you only need one program and one account to access all of these communication tools through the most intuitive platform available on the market.

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