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Nine Line Apparel

The name of the company is rooted in the founders’ military backgrounds. The term “Nine Line” is a request to transport a soldier that is harmed or injured during combat to a hospital in a plane or helicopter. It also represents patriotism, trust and hope with their fellow Americans in the eyes of soldiers.

The aim of this apparel brand is to strengthen the feeling of national pride and patriotism which decreasing gradually from the society these days due to the division of the country due to political disagreements. They are trying to encourage all Americans to unite under one flag as patriots and brothers.

So for this reason, this apparel brand tries to encourage others to stay united during these trying times. Along with providing financial help and raising awareness about the helping organizations they also offer a number of initiatives to encourage them in this regard. The initiatives supported by Nine Line include initiative for disaster relief charities for military. They help them through Nine Line Foundation regardless of their circumstances.

Principles of Nine Line Respect the flag as it stands for the sacrifices made by the people who died while fighting to retain the freedom and to be honored as a holy sign of our unity.

Back up the people who have served or still serving the nation as honorable member of various public services including police, military and fire department. Control those who misuse their accountable power even after understanding that they can never be one who are protecting us.

There is nothing shameful in being patriotic. This organization is proud of its country, flag and its inherent right of being patriotic. They feel proud in encouraging patriotism once again in the entire nation.

Founders of Nine Line Nine Line Apparel was humbly founded in 2012 by a Captain in special operations, his wife, his brother and a SCAD graduate civilian in a garage and within three years it became one of the fastest growing apparel companies of the country.

Daniel Merritt: At the age of 18 he was enlisted in the army and in 2002 he became an officer. He served the country at various national and international locations and earned a bronze star for his services. At present he is serving as Army reserve.

Angela Merritt: Being the wife of a military officer, Tyler Merritt, she understands the difficulties of managing home in the absence of her husband. The fast growth of Nine Line is due to her tireless efforts used in managing daily operations.

Tyler Merritt: As Air commander on Special Operations he served at several international locations and earned several air medals including a bronze star for his services in battlefield.

Myles Burke: He served with Merritt in 2011 during his studies at SCAD to visualise and collaborate with patriotic messages of Nine Line.

In this way since 2012 Nine Line apparel is committed to serve nation through its patriotic approach. They have initiated a charitable foundation, Nine Line Foundation, to construct a village for Veterans in Savannah, Georgia. You can also support this mission by donating in it.

Growth and Future Nine Line has been expanding at a rapid pace, from their start in Tyler’s garage where they had no background screen printing shirts, to a small house, to a storefront, to their new 60,000 square foot warehouse where they have one of the largest printing operations in the area.

Their team is mainly comprised of veterans, military spouses and people who share their devotion and support for America. They are also driven to keep creating more jobs here in America. This can be challenging to find that balance when it comes staying profitable and keeping their manufacturing in the United States. Now that they have built a great apparel brand, they have their sights set on other markets outside of apparel.

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