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Ovention & Food Service Equipment Technology

The food service equipment industry has shown consistent growth over the last decade. Valued at approximately 39 billion dollars in 2015, the global market for these products is one of the largest in any sector. As the lifestyle of the average person has changed, the technological development has accelerated to match that change. Globalization has played a large role in this process.

Less economically developed nations now have the resources and the population to support an increasingly advanced standard of technological development. The demand for refrigerated food products, Internet-enabled equipment, and multi-function appliances is growing at a steady rate. As this demand grows, the quality of the equipment grows as well. Suppliers who refuse to innovate are being left behind, overtaken by companies with a focus on increased automation and decreased energy waste.

Governments across the world are creating stricter standards for everything from hygiene to energy efficiency. These standards have further accelerated the process of enhanced digitization and the adoption of more complex products. In the United States, the results of this progress can be seen most clearly. Members of the food service industry have adopted a plethora of technological advancements in order to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

As our world becomes more heavily computerized, restaurant and hotel owners have adapted in order to remain relevant. When the consumer is accustomed to having any product they want, just a click away, members of this industry need both speed and advanced features in their food equipment technology in order to keep them satisfied with the quality of their service.

Founded by Phil McKee in 2011, Ovention is one of the pioneers of this new era of technologically advanced food service equipment. Commercial ovens are no exception to this evolving landscape of increased automation, and Ovention is at the cutting edge of this development. Recognized for their reliability and innovative features, Ovention ovens are the best of their kind.

With the push of a button, almost all of the user’s work is already done. With their pre-programmable settings, Ovention ovens allow the operator to continue their work throughout the kitchen without needing to keep an eye on the food being cooked. One of the most useful features is a proprietary technology known as Auto Load and Unload.

Once the process is started, the food is moved into the heated area, and then removed automatically when the cooking is complete. All Ovention ovens are ventless, allowing flexibility in the installation location, and operate at a level of energy efficiency about 33% greater than their traditional counterparts. Furthermore, the touch screen interface allows the user to choose from hundreds of cook settings, allowing an easy transition from different products being cooked. And with the USB compatibility, all these settings can be loaded and transferred between Ovention ovens.

Best of all, due to their unique design, all these ovens produce less waste heat in the kitchen, allowing for a more comfortable experience for the workers. Not only do they offer all these various features, they also cut the time it takes to finish cooking in half, saving even more time and energy for the user. This dedication to innovation and developing new technologies has kept Ovention at the forefront of the food-service equipment sector.

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