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Phone Soap

Updated: Jan 13

The amount of germs and bacteria that are living on every single surface that you touch on a day to day basis is difficult to comprehend. Throughout the day, different kinds of germs and viruses are transferred from surface to surface, often traveling via the human hand. Examples of this include the toilet handle, or the eyeglasses you may wear in order to correct your impaired vision. However, what is not widely known, is that a significant majority of these germs and bacteria are stored and living on electronic devices.

The last several decades have seen an increase in concern over basic sanitation needs, such as access to antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer throughout the world. Without these kinds of products, the transfer of infections and diseases is greatly accelerated, taking place at a rate that is dangerous to the survival of human life. Despite there never having been a time of a more significant amount of awareness over the importance of basic sanitation and cleanliness, the vast majority of people never seem to think about how frequently they are handling electronic devices like cell phones that are havens for bacteria and disease. While there is certainly some awareness of how filthy computer keyboards rapidly become when they are not being cleaned regularly, cell phones and other tablet devices are for the most part overlooked.

It is widely recognized by almost every single human being in the world that public restrooms are a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria and germs in the modern world, along with cash money and handrails. Essentially any object or surface that is regularly touched by large amounts of random people is going to contain significant amounts of disease carrying bacteria on it. The average cell phone contains approximately twenty times as much bacteria as a public restroom, and is cleaned with far less frequency and regularity than any restroom would be while remaining acceptable to use daily.

Here at PhoneSoap, we have created a product that will fill this blatant gap in the public’s basic sanitation and cleanliness needs. PhoneSoap offers to our customers the opportunity to clean their cellular telephones in a way that would otherwise be impossible to accomplish whilst also simultaneously charging these cell phones. The key to this technological innovation is concentrated amounts of ultraviolet radiation. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation will kill almost one hundred percent of the bacteria on your cell phone by damaging the cells of the bacteria directly. And your PhoneSoap will do this while also charging your cell phone. Without our patented technologies, it is incredibly difficult to effectively clean a cell phone, and is essentially impossible to do so while at the same time charging the phone. So get a PhoneSoap today.

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