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Queen Honey

For nearly eight thousand years, human beings have been working to harvest honey, scavenging it from beehives across the world. We have used it for a wide variety of purposes, not simply eating it for its distinctive sweet taste. In ancient Egypt, it was often used as part of the process of embalming dead bodies of the citizens.

Honey plays a significant role in India and has for most of recorded history. In Hinduism, honey is considered to be one of the five elixirs of life used during several different rituals of the faith. The sweet substance also plays a significant role in the history of Judaism, a symbol of the new year used in several different traditional dishes and mentioned frequently in the Torah. Islam has traditionally regarded honey as a medicinal substance used for treating several different afflictions and injuries.

It was common in many other ancient civilizations as well to use honey not just as a delicious ingredient in food, but also for healing wounds and illnesses. While there has never been conclusive research done on the efficacy of its use as medicine, it remains an important part of folk medicine tradition to use honey for the treatment of burns and other skin conditions. It is likely that this has proven effective over the years because of honey’s odd properties. Most microorganisms do not grow inside of honey, which helps keep wounds clean and uninfected. As a result of this property, honey does not ever spoil or go bad, remaining edible for thousands of years.

Today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find honey to buy that is not artificially manufactured by large corporations, made up of solely chemical sweeteners and unhealthy preservatives. If you are looking to purchase a more natural and organic supply of honey, than look no further than Queen Honey, a company devoted to the production and distribution of all natural honey throughout the world. Queen Honey was founded as a result of the state of the modern honey industry, a dissatisfaction with the quality of the honey being sold to consumers and a desire to remedy this unfortunate situation.  

At Queen Honey, the only honey being sold is honey that we guarantee has been harvested and sourced from beekeepers and suppliers who share our views on the importance of all natural organic honey. The honey we sell starts its journey as nectar produced by flowers, an incredibly sugary substance that is collected by bees. They slurp it up and bring it back to their beehives, where they regurgitate it out to the hive bees, who repeat the process of consumption and regurgitation. It then becomes the delicious and nutritious honey that we sell to our customers at unbeatable prices compared to our competition. Rather than using the unmatched quality of our organic honey as an excuse to charge exorbitant prices, we charge reasonable prices for a superior product. At Queen Honey, we are determined to offer our customers the best all natural, organic honey for all of their medicinal and culinary needs.

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