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R.V Trip Wizard & Visual Planning Tool

Technology has changed the way the people travel across the country. Finding hotels to stay at, landmarks to visit, and restaurants to eat at used to be difficult to say the least. And of course, first you needed to plan out your route using a map, another time consuming activity. Budgeting for the trip could take hours, and it was difficult to do with any degree of accuracy. Finding out the local price of gas, toll charges, and any other incidental expenses was also a struggle. Staying in campgrounds would help you save some money, but you needed to find the campgrounds in advance, something easier said than done. 

The internet has solved the majority of these problems. Search engines like Google give you access to an unbelievable amount of information, some of which could never have been found in the pre-internet era. Everything from gas prices to restaurant reviews is just a search and a click away. But because of this abundance of information, it is challenging to find exactly what you’re looking for. There are websites that can help you plan a vacation, but they focus primarily on plane or train tickets, and hotel bookings, nothing that is very helpful when planning a road trip.

So for the average RV enthusiast looking to plan a trip across the United States, things seemed more difficult than they needed to be. RV Trip Wizard is the solution to this problem. A visual planning tool, similar in concept to something like TripAdvisor, RV Trip Wizard allows its users to plan a trip down to every last detail.

Unlike other trip planning programs, RV Trip Wizard doesn’t need to be downloaded. All its features are available on the website. The site can be easily reached on any device with an internet connection, tablets and smartphones included. The information included in the planning process is beyond comprehensive. It shows over 17,000 campgrounds across the country, along with over 57,000 points of interest, ensuring no matter where you are going, there will be an interesting location to visit along the way.

From pet hospitals to national parks, any place you might want to visit during your trip is listed on the site. This includes information about which Walmart’s allow overnight parking, so even if a campground or truck stop isn’t along your route, there is still a place for you to park and get some rest. RV Trip Wizard also has over 12,000 bicycle trails in the database, and 16,000 golf courses as well.

Additionally, RV Trip Wizard allows you to set your driving times and distances, letting the user plan out their road trip down to the last minute. This allows you to include stops for gas stations and rest stops in the plan itself. Another helpful feature included in the package is the ability to see the cost of your trip. This includes information about local gas prices and campground fees, allowing you to plan your budget accordingly. The user friendly interface even lets you export your trip to a GPS device or Google Maps, so that you can keep an eye on your progress during the drive.

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