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Research Chef’s Association

The Research Chefs Association was founded in 1996, by a group of researchers and chefs working together in order to achieve their goals. They shared a vision, and dedicated their time and energy towards a scientific study of food preparation and development. The Research Chefs Association has many members who can be considered to be part of a movement in the culinary world known as molecular gastronomy.

Molecular gastronomy is a discipline of the food science industry focused on the chemical and physical reaction that take place during the preparation of food for human consumption. But the Research Chefs Association has a wider focus than just molecular gastronomy, aiming to research all aspects of food science. This includes not just the actual cooking of food, but also the scientific principles and engineering behind the preparation of food, but the processing and storage of food products as well. Furthermore, the Research Chefs Association, or RCA, believes in developing an understanding of the business and regulatory aspects of the food industry as well.

There are a variety of subjects that any individual member of the RCA can be expected to be familiar with, ranging from the presentation of a finished meal to the FDA regulations governing the food service industry. The RCA refers to their research and standards by the term Culinology, a trademarked term that refers to their aim of combining the culinary arts with the chemistry and biology that are needed to understand the principles of food science.

A large part of Culinology is focused on nutrition and biochemistry, as part of an attempt to make food healthy as well as tasty. This includes the way that the human body processes food during digestion, breaking down proteins, sugars, and carbohydrates.

A certified member of the RCA is expected to understand the necessities of a balanced and nutritious diet, and which foods are needed in order to achieve this goal. They also need to understand the various regulation that govern the foodservice industry, all of which vary from country to country. This includes not just guidelines on proper sanitation throughout the production of food products, but also the safety regulations that protect employees in a kitchen and their customers. Part of this is also a knowledge of various food allergies and food intolerances, as one of the RCA’s highest priorities is the health of their customers.

Culinology also focuses on the financial aspects of the industry, so that members of the RCA understand the business that they are a part of. RCA members should be familiar with the budgeting process of running a kitchen, including the costs of ingredients and equipment used in the cooking process. They are also expected to understand the marketing and customer service aspects of the business.

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