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RV Transportation & Horizon Transport

An RV is a great vacation vehicle. It takes millions of people across the country for leisure and luxury. From taking your family into mother nature to driving across the long winding roads of the United States, an RV is the sublime choice for transportation.

But as great as it is to go places, it needs to get to the starting line first. Someone needs to drive your RV from the manufacturer to the retailer you buy them from. That’s where the transportation industry for the transportation industry comes in. Horizon Transport is a leading innovator in RV transportation due to their impeccable driving record and their quality customer service. Horizon Transport is a family owned and operated company dedicated to extending their family in the best possible way.

What started out as just 10 devoted drivers back in 1984 has grown to over 1,400 independently contracted drivers. They deliver more than 80 thousand recreational vehicles annually and does so with dedication and excellence. Horizon Transport can transport just about anything, from bicycles to horse trailers and everything in between, if you’ve got a destination, they can get you there. Not only are they leading innovators in the transportation industry, but they continue to grow in reputation and size.

So how does a large company like Horizon Transport keep that family owned feeling? With top quality customer satisfaction and worker satisfaction of course! Not only will you experience upscale customer service and luxury transportation as a client, but you will also feel the love and appreciation as an employee.

Even though their contractors are always on the road, Horizon Transport doesn’t allow them to feel alone. Each year they host a family reunion. Yes, for all 1,400 employees. Their annual appreciation day allows all of the employees to meet each other and mingle, get to know the family company, and win some fun prizes and games along the way. Between 1,400 employees, diversity is prevalent. Their contractors range in age, ethnicity, and experience. Some of their contractors are receiving a special award this year, for driving over 1 million miles accident free. Talk about dedication to excellence!

Their employees are highly qualified for their position, all receiving a DOT physical as well as having a clean driving record, and a license to drive transportation vehicles. For 30 years Horizon Transportation has given all of their contractors the chance to create their own opportunities. Brand new drivers have resources available to help them learn the ropes. Each employee gets to choose their transportation style. And between tow-away, flatbed, and drive-away, there’s an option for everyone.

Horizon Transportation has been paving the way for a new type of transportation industry. One deeply rooted in family values, equal opportunities, and dedication to excellence. Without company quality, the RV industry and transportation industries would be lacking the tools they need to thrive. Horizon Transport is the leading transportation company for community, quality, and independence. Without large companies like this, our society would lose the meaning of family owned and operated. Horizon Transport is a perfect model for what it means to care.

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