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Sears Garage Solutions & Garage Door Solutions

Garage doors as they exist today first came into use at the beginning of the twentieth century. As the largest moving object in your home, one that can often take up about one third of the area of the front of the house, a garage door that malfunctions represents a huge risk to the safety of the home’s inhabitants.

Most garage doors are fitted with torsion springs, supporting a system that allows the garage door to be raised as the springs unwind, and the tension in the springs is released. As the door is lowered, the springs are rewound to full tension, and the opening cycle is completed.

In general, manufacturers of garage doors offer a spring that provides approximately thirty thousand of these cycles. Because the frequency with which any given homeowner opens and closes their garage door varies widely, it is hard to estimate the amount of time that these springs can last. However, most companies guarantee a cycle life of about ten years.

Because a garage door can cause injury to the homeowner and expensive property damage, proper maintenance is crucial. The system that operates a garage door is complex, with many moving parts that make it difficult to repair by yourself. Even the upkeep is beyond the average homeowner, as even something as seemingly simple as proper insulation to prevent the buildup of moisture involves technical know-how most individuals do not possess. And this is assuming the garage door was installed properly to begin with, not always a safe assumption to make.

Sears Garage Solutions is the latest initiative from Sears Home Services division. For years, Sears has offered a variety of appliance repair and home improvement services. These services have expanded recently, and Sears Garage Solutions is the result of this expansion.

If you are looking to have a garage door installed in your home, Sears Garage Solutions is the company to call. Sears offer a variety of styles to choose from, including not only the traditional look most homeowners are accustomed to seeing, but also the carriage look, which resembles a stable door. Depending on the preference of the individual customer, the doors can be made from wood or steel, coming a wide range of different colors and panel designs.

Because of the intricate and complex design of most garage door openers, even just one damaged part can prevent the system to operating correctly. In order to prevent this from happening, Sears Garage Solutions offers an annual tune-up service to make sure that everything is working as it should. Regular maintenance is often less expensive than the repairs needed when part of the garage door system is already damaged and needs to be replaced. As such, it can be more cost effective to regularly use this service than to hire a technician for emergency repairs.  

Sears Garage Solutions offers services beyond just garage door installation and repair however. They offer a similar service for entry and patio doors, even installing storm doors for those who need the tempered safety glass to protect their home. Another unique service is the ability to connect your garage door to your smartphone or computer. This allows the user to monitor and operate their garage door from any device with an internet connection no matter where they are. They even install flooring, to improve the aesthetics of your garage. Sears can take care of any work that needs to be done in your garage.

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