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Smartphone Protection and Evutec

Smartphones have evolved so much, especially in the past few years that we can’t live without them. From children to grandparents, every generation is addicted to them. From texting, social media, games and apps for everything you can think of. it’s hard to believe how we were able to survive without them.

However, we use them so much that it’s not “if” but “when” some type of damage will happen to them, from cracked cases to damaged hardware, it comes with the territory.

Damaged smartphones have caused billions in damages which opened up tremendous opportunities for smartphone protection. One of the problems with most of these protective cases is that they are too big, thick and bulky which sacrifices the sleek-ness to them.

One company came up with a product to help protect smartphones without the bulkiness. We recently filmed a segment on the company Evutec at the CTIA wireless association tradeshow in Las Vegas. They went on to win 2 awards at CTIA, Best Minimalist Case and Best Product Design. One of the judges even had one of the covers on their phone as they were presenting the awards to Evutec. How is that for an endorsement!

Evutec stands for ecology met with technology. One the ecology side, they use a lot of woods that are sustainable and recyclable. On the tech side, they use advanced materials including Kevlar which is a synthetic fiber that is lightweight, durable and extremely strong.

For example, NASA uses Kevlar for their radone antennas, in racing it’s used to reduce the weight of the vehicles. Kevlar is 5 times stronger than steel at the same weight. This allows Evutec’s cases to be some of the thinnest in the industry, only 0.7 millimeters. To put things into perspective a grain of table salt is 0.3 millimeters. Since Kevlar has no metallic properties, the cases won’t interfere with the smartphone GPS, WIFI or cellular signal.

However, Kevlar isn’t the only material they use to protect smartphones. They have a process called "Evutouch” which is a multi-layer coating that they put on the Kevlar. The outside of the case has a very comfortable feel to it that you can get a good grip on.

As good as Kevlar is, it was a little too “tactical” for some so they developed more options. One of the options they looked at was mother nature, specifically wood. They use 0.2 millimeter paper thin wood veneer and laminate it with Kevlar. They incorporate a wide variety of woods from all over the world while still being environmentally friendly.

They actually became FSC Certified which is the Forest Stewardship Council and what they do is monitor the type of wood that are used for certain products from start to finish. They don’t poach wood just to make products, they are being very cautious about the materials they are using and not destroying anything without having a mindset of being sustainable.

If you are looking for strong protection for your smartphone without the bulk and safe on the environment definitely check out Evutec.

Evutec Website:

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