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Smokin Mary

The sale of alcoholic beverages is one of the world’s largest and most profitable industries, dominating economie across the world. From the beginnings of recorded human history, we have been making and consuming these fermented, alcoholic beverages for fun and for profit. Bartenders have invented a huge variety of different cocktails and mixtures in order to make the alcohol they sell more palatable and profitable. Martinis and pina coladas have become a ubiquitously excepted part of the culture, and almost all people will consume one of these cocktails at some point in their life. They make alcohol taste better, look more appealing, and allow the bartenders to conserve the amount of alcohol they serve to each customer, increasing profits. One of the most popular of these mixed drinks is the Bloody Mary, a cocktail popular in a similar fashion to mimosas, as a drink for breakfast and the early morning social events. At Smokin’ Mary, we sell the finest bloody mary cocktail mix ever invented at retailers across the country.

In the past, in order to make a cocktail like a bloody mary, you needed to purchase all of the ingredients yourself and then prepare them properly. This is prohibitively time consuming and expensive, and as a result, cocktails were a kind of luxury item, typically only drunk by the more financially successful classes of our economy. But things have changed over the last century, with the proliferation of large multinational corporations and chain stores. Fresh fruit, vegetables, and spices are available to almost each and every individual in the United States, and as a result, the ingredients for mixed drinks are fairly easy to obtain. However, foreseeing that most individuals do not want to make their drink mix themselves, companies like Smokin’ Mary have made a living selling pre-made cocktail mixes for people to make their bloody mary drinks quickly and easily.

Smokin’ Mary is a step above any of our competition in both quality and service, as the premier Bloody Mary mix company in the world. Started as a small, family run business by Laurie and MArc, a couple of young entrepreneurs from southern California, Smokin’ Mary has expanded significantly since, becoming the most popular Bloody Mary mix being used across the United States of America. At any bar, hotel, and household, it is common to see a bottle of Smokin’ Mary mix waiting to be used. Furthermore, Smokin’ Mary Bloody Mary mix is not just used in order to make Bloody Mary drinks. It is also commonly used as an ingredient when cooking meals. There have been several well known recipes that use the Smokin’ Mary Bloody Mary mix as a key ingredient, including several award winning chili recipes. To learn more about Smokin’ Mary go to their website

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