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Trending Today: Hargrave Custom Yachts, WMR Performance Racing, Johnson & Wales University, Sou

Trending Today is an award-winning television series that features innovative trends from around the globe from the latest in technology, cutting edge products, education and more. We live in a world that is moving at lightning speed and we showcase the best of the best in all of these industries.

Our team is comprised of individuals who have worked for some of the top cable and TV networks including: NBC, HBO, Discovery and more. We are all very passionate about the entire process, from finding those trend blazers, to documenting the incredible stories of our clients, to editing the content for the world to see and hear.

We are committed to showing the viewers a diverse mix of different industries from some of the top trending companies. In a recent episode we focused on Hargrave Custom Yachts, WMR Performance Racing, Johnson & Wales University and South Florida Radiation Oncology.

Hargrave Custom Yachts is a custom luxury yacht builder based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. For over 30 years, owner Michael Joyce has been providing his clients with the ultimate in luxury boating. A tremendous amount of detail goes into building these beautiful yachts, from the dining salon, galley, staterooms, jacuzzi and steering stations. They are like fully contained floating mini-cities that feature their own sewage treatment plant and power plant. However, no two boats are the same, it’s all custom from top to bottom.  

WMR Performance Racing is a race shop that was started in 1999 based in Stuart, FL They focus on motocross motor suspension, modifications and aftermarket parts to both the amateur and professional motocross industry. Their team is comprised of motocross enthusiasts that understand what their clients want. They are proud to say that everything they manufacture is done in house and American Made.  

Johnson & Wales University (Miami Campus) is a private, non-profit accredited institution that offers majors from hospitality, culinary arts and more. Their facilities feature state of the art cooking labs to cutting edge technology to their very own garden where the students grow their own vegetables and fruits. Not only do the students get hands on experiencing learning how to cook everything from stocks, soups and pastries but they also learn the business side as well. When they graduate they will be prepared to pursue their culinary dreams, whether it’s running their own food truck, their own restaurant or pursue a James Beard Award.

South Florida Radiation Oncology is one of Florida’s leading radiation oncology centers where they are doing cutting edge work to treat and defeat cancer. Medical Director, Dr. Kishore Dass said that they focus on patient care and treating the them as a whole. He saw flaws in other centers where cancer patients where treated as a number and not human beings which bothered him a lot. This motivated him to do something much better. Their center has a commitment to offer a very unique comprehensive team approach that is personalized compassionate cancer care through early detection, diagnosis and advanced cancer treatment options. Their priorities are all about offering a high level of patient care and customer service which makes them very different from other centers.    

We look forward to sharing more profiles of businesses and innovators around the country in the near future.

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