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Tobacco has been used for more than three thousand years in the Americas, smoked both recreationally and as a part of ceremonies such as peace treaties or trade agreements. After the first European settlers began to colonize the ‘New World’, tobacco became increasingly popular as a trade item worldwide. It was so popular that in the Jamestown colony it was used as currency as well as being sold as a cash crop, and many historians credit tobacco as being the export that single handedly kept Virginia financially profitable. During the middle of the nineteen hundreds, it became known that there were numerous diseases and conditions being caused by the use of tobacco. It is well known that tobacco is a major cause of a number of conditions such as lung cancer, and a number of other circulatory and respiratory illnesses. As a result of the public becoming increasingly aware of the numerous diseases they could get from smoking cigarettes, the popularity of tobacco products has been on a steady decline over the last several decades. However, because nicotine is such an incredibly addictive substance, the demand for nicotine containing products is still quite high. The most popular of these products developed as an alternative to tobacco usage are vaporizers. 

The use of electronic cigarettes or vaporizers as they are more commonly known is called vaping. The first known version of an electronic cigarette was developed in the early nineteen sixties by Herbert A Gilbert, although there were other vaporizers patented for medical usage as early as the nineteen thirties. Gilbert’s vaporizer however was the first device designed specifically as a replacement or alternative to smoking cigarettes, and his design is the basis of all electronic cigarette devices being used today. The modern electronic cigarette is typically a small, handheld device shaped somewhat like a pen that is considered a replacement for tobacco products. 

Electronic cigarettes typically have a heating element that is used to vaporize a liquid, usually called an e-liquid, containing nicotine and a number of other chemicals that influence the taste and smell of the aerosol or vapor being inhaled by the user. While vaping is commonly believed to be a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, as of yet there is no conclusive scientific evidence one way or another to show the health effects of using electronic cigarettes. Depending on the contents of the e-liquid being used, the health effects of vaping can vary. When the liquid being aerosolized contains carcinogens or other harmful chemicals, it is obviously not a healthy replacement for smoking. But, when the contents of the e-liquid are not toxic or known to cause cancer, then vaping is clearly a much healthier habit than smoking. Whether or not e-cigarettes are healthier than cigarettes, they are likely going to become more popular than them in the near future. As there are no laws against vaping indoors and vaping is considered to be cool by the younger generation, vaping is going to become more and more popular as time goes on. The e-cigarette market is already a large one, and it is going to continue to grow in the future.

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