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Victory Beef

For approximately one thousand years, human beings have domesticated cattle in order to maintain a reliable source of food. The modern method of animal husbandry is commonly referred to as factory farming, and this intensive animal farming has serious flaws. The environmental impact, health risks to consumers, and moral implications about the treatment of the animals make it difficult for the average person to feel good about the way they get their meat. Victory Beef is an ethical alternative to the modern agribusiness industry, allowing you to enjoy delicious beef without worrying about the source.

Industrial livestock production is unhealthy for both the cattle being farmed and the workers who care for them. The impact on human health from the pesticides and antibiotics used in the process is vast, and as a result, small businesses have been able to compete against powerful multinational corporations. At Victory Beef, we refuse to utilize growth hormones and unnecessary antibiotics. Our cattle are able to lead healthy lives, and as a result our customers are as well. Our workers care for the cattle with compassion and diligence, and refuse to cut corners just to save a few dollars. Rather than stuff them full of GMO grains and medication, we let them graze on grass the way they were meant to.

Victory Beef is dedicated to producing quality meat for reasonable prices, with a focus on the health of our customers. Our founder entered the medical field in order to learn all he could about the health risks associated with the modern factory farming process and learn from the mistakes they have made. The methods we use to raise our cattle ensure that the meat we sell contains more good cholesterol than bad, and none of the carcinogens that the competition uses.

Most importantly, we refuse to be a part of the cruelty inherent to the industrial farming process. In a typical industrial livestock farm, the cattle suffer in unhygienic conditions. Hundreds of cows are forced into areas that simply were not meant to hold so many of them, creating a breeding ground for parasites and disease. As a result, they are flooded with antibiotics and pesticides and left to wallow in their own waste. The environmental impact of these conditions is devastating to the animals and the communities around them, polluting groundwater supplies and soil fertility. Here at Victory Beef, our livestock are treated with dignity and kindness. We focus on raising healthy cattle so our customers can live healthy lives as well.

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