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Will We Ever Live On The Moon?

Over the last several decades, it has become increasingly likely that the future of the human race on Earth is going to be severely curtailed in its development within the next couple of generations. There are a number of factors that will contribute to this unfortunate state of events, such as overpopulation, scarcity of resources, and a simple lack of space to continue expanding. Eventually, no matter what technological developments are made in the future, there will simply be no more room for the generations of the future to eke out a place to live. There is a finite amount of land on our planet, and once the number of people living in the world has reached a critical mass, steps will have to be taken in order to ensure the survival of these future generations. Many people believe that the future of mankind will lead us out into the final frontier, outer space, and believe that one day people will live on the moon itself. On the other hand, many other experts seem to think that things will be developing in a drastically different direction.

Right now, there are approximately seven billion people currently alive and residing across the world. Within the next few hundreds of years, it is quite possible that that number will have more than doubled, quite possibly exceeding the number of humans that the Earth can theoretically support. When that happens, what will we do in order to solve this seemingly insurmountable problem? Only time will tell, however, the two most likely outcomes are believed to be the colonization of other planets and moons within our solar system and the expansion of the amount of space on Earth where humans can live their lives.

More than two thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, and as a result, currently the vast majority of the planet is not suitable for human habitation. The rate of technological development is accelerating even faster than the rate at which the population is expanding, and many individuals in the scientific community believe that this fact alone will likely preclude the need for us to leave our home planet. The first area of expansion is almost certainly going to be into oceans, with underwater and floating cities being built in order to house the increasing population. The next area will likely be vertical, with cities being built up higher and higher into the skies.

Unfortunately, no matter how creatively we adapt to unsuitable environments, there is still not enough room for trillions of people on the planet. So, it is likely that we will move out on to other planets and moons, one day perhaps even the galaxy. Earth’s moon is sadly not the best environment for human colonization, as it lacks many of the qualities that are necessary in order to keep people alive. So, rather than moving from our home on Earth to the moon, human beings will likely move to other planets and their moons instead.

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