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WMR Competition Performance & Motocross

Motocross is a specific form of off-road motorcycle racing that takes place on unpaved enclosed circuits. Evolved from motorcycle trial competitions in the United Kingdom in the early twentieth century, motocross is now a popular sport across the world, sometimes referred to as dirt bike racing. As this form of racing became more popular throughout various countries, manufacturers of motorcycles were forced to develop new technical improvements and upgrades in order to stay competitive over such rough terrain.

Gradually, the differences between motorcycles used on the street and those used off-road became more pronounced. Rigid frames became replaced by suspensions years before they were incorporated by manufacturers into street bikes as well. By the 1960s, new developments in two stroke engine technology relegated the traditional models obsolete, opening the market further to foreign competition. By the 1980s, Japanese manufacturers had overtaken almost all of their competitors, and maintained a gap in the level of technological advancement for another twenty years. Recently, European motorcycle manufacturers have been making a comeback in popularity among motocross enthusiasts, bringing a level of healthy competition back to the industry.

Founded in 1994, WMR Competition Performance is one of the most successful distributors of off-road motorcycles and motorcycle equipment in all of South Florida. Whether you just need a part repaired, a regular tune-up, or a new motorcycle entirely, there is no better choice to make than WMR Competition Performance for your motocross needs. WMR will custom build you a motorcycle to your exact specifications from the ground up, ready to race the moment the last bolt is tightened.

As one of the leaders in the development of cutting edge two stroke and four stroke technology, WRM Competition Performance can provide each and every customer with the very best racing equipment available. We are more than just another dealer of parts and motorcycles; the staff at WRM have an intimate understanding of how to repair and build any bike we might encounter. With more than two decades of experience, the technicians working in the machine shop are the best in the business.

Motocross can be a dangerous sport if the equipment you use is not being taken care of properly. Here at WRM Competition performance, the variety of services we offer to our customers will ensure that your motorcycle runs just as well as it did the day you bought it. From oil changes to hydraulic system tune-ups, any maintenance or repairs you need done are just a call away. Furthermore, no matter what brand of bike you ride, we have any parts you need replaced in stock. Whether you own a KTM or a Kawasaki, we can take it apart and put it back together, keeping you on top of your game.

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