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Updated: Jan 13

One of the most significant issues that people have during their traveling endeavors and packing attempts is the effective storage of electronic devices. A very significant reason for that is the existence of electronic cables, an aspect of this part of life that is frequently overlooked but also too much of an inconvenience to ignore. Even when not in the process of traveling and moving your electronic devices, these electrical cords are an incredibly irritating and space consuming problem. They represent the kind of unnecessary clutter that frustrates each and every one of us, and potentially even causing significant risks to your health. Here at Wrappid, we have developed a solution to your problem with electrical cords and devices and their storage.

Most individuals living in this nation frequently have to deal with the annoying clutter of electronic cords taking up space throughout their homes. Almost every single electronic device we own comes with an attached cable cord, and frequently there are spares and extras included as well. As a result, almost every person has at one point or another had to deal with the inconvenience of these cords taking up more space than they should be taking. Most frequently this occurs in areas such as a home office with a computer and printer within it or a living room with a television and speakers in it. Not to mention the kitchen and bathroom devices we encounter daily as well. All of these cords are made to take up more space than is actually necessary, and as a result we all must deal with unnecessary clutter.

Wrappid is a device that allows you to quickly and easily organize and electronic cables and cords no matter what type, from personal appliances to computer wiring, helping you to significantly increase the amount of open space you have near outlets. Wrappid works in three simple steps that anyone is able to follow. The first step is to take the very end of the cord, and then fold it up to the base of the device it is attached to. The second step is to simply fold the cord once again. And the third and final step is to insert the cord into the end of the Wrappid, completing the process quickly and easily.

Wrappid is especially convenient for those of us who move or travel with some frequency, as they are the ones who are most frequently dealing with fitting electronic devices into limited storage space. The design of Wrappid makes it both easy to maintain a firm grip on and to fit the cords and devices into travel bags and suitcases. Furthermore, because Wrappid is made of a silicone substance, it is significantly resistant to heat. This allows you to not only use it to store wires and cords that grow to very high temperatures while being used, but also devices like hair dryers and straighteners as well.

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